Tel Aviv joined Geek Girls Carrots!

For those of us who are familiar with Tel Aviv, we might know of it as a city filled with sun, beaches, hummus, controversies, religions, parties and many more. But what many people don’t know about the Israeli community is that it is rapidly becoming one of the most innovative tech hubs on the planet.

Vying with London, New York and Berlin, with more than 700 early-stage startups, and as many as 5,000 overall, it’s no surprise that Tel Aviv has been ranked second only to Silicon Valley in terms of being a leading tech epicenter. Big acquisitions, such as Waze to Google and Snaptu to Facebook, as well a upcoming IPO for Outbrain means Israeli startups are aspiring for big exits (and they’re making them happen)!

What’s unique about Tel Aviv-Yafo is that while it vibrates a young and energetic atmosphere, inside there is a strong synthesis of an informal business culture and startup hub that has become particularly attractive to creative industries. The true secret to city’s success is its unique DNA interwoven with their mandatory army, which brings way to their necessary outside of the box approach, precise focus and attention to details and zest to live life to the fullest. The buzzing culture amidst the hot sunny days near the Mediterranean, unrivaled nightlife, countless cafes, is feeding the city’s unparalleled early stage innovative ecosystem.

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Lee Rubin is the main organizer for Geek Girls Carrots in Tel Aviv. Let us introduce her!

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Lee Rubin is the founder of Wekudo, a marketplace for corporate events and activities. It was at the University of Florida where Lee started exploring the idea of being happy. When she worked for a few years in corporate sales after college, she saw companies struggle with turnover and employee satisfaction. She built Wekudo to help address that struggle and instill happiness back into the lives of employees. Lee has a special interest in art and design and believes the road to corporate success is a superior customer experience. Based between TLV and NYC, she’s determined to uncover the secrets to corporate well being and customer satisfaction. She also loves cat Youtube videos, IKEA catalogues and colored markers.

If you would like to become a co-organizer, partner or speaker in our meeting, please contact: Lee Rubin, +054 211 7063 or