Second Birthday Party of Geek Girls Carrots Łódź

Welcome to Second Birthday Party of Geek Girls Carrots Łódź!

It’s gonna be a marvelous night! Together with our partner – GFT, we’re inviting you to 6 Dzielnica at 7 p.m. We’re planning a lot of goodies!


19:00 Welcome

19:10 Karolina Halik – „In the age of The Internet – Does the PR end on an online presence?”

19:40 Agata Cieślak – „LEGO Blocks for adults”.

Short info about our special guests, as well as free tickets for the meet-up can be found here:
During the party, besides interesting presentations, tasty carrots and great atmosphere  there’s gonna be sweet suprizes from Maria Smejda, who is known from Małe Ciastko 🙂
You can’t miss it! See you there!