Geek Girls Carrots Silesia #2 Birthday

Please join us at Geek Girls Carrots’ next meeting in Katowice!

What? Geek Girls Carrots Silesia #2 Birthday

When? 21.01.2015 18:00

Where? Cybermachina, ul. Damrota 6 Katowice

This time apart from celebrating the second birthday, we will talk about start-ups. After the presentations we’ve scheduled the pitching time and networking afterparty! Also not to mention the delicious Birthday Cupcakes baked by Big Baba Cupcakes.

To attend the meeting, register here>> 

Everybody interested in new technologies is invited! J


18:00 Dorota Sokolowska- Domagalska- 2014, “An amazing year for Geek Girls”.

18:10 Łukasz Holeczek, will share his experiences in building start-ups.

18:40 Aleksander Małaszkiewicz will talk about start-ups from the Silicon Valley perspective.

19.10 Birthday cake and networking.


Łukasz Holeczek

Łukasz, graduated from The Education in Technology and Informatics at the Silesia University. Both privately and professionally, passionate about new technologies.  Łukasz is a serial entrepreneur, business owner of creativeLabs, the company’s president of Sp. z oo, inventor and founder of the wordwide popular start-ups: and

Aleksander Małaszkiewicz

Alexander Małaszkiewicz is the leader of the development team and the founder of Fractal Soft. Together they create web applications in Ruby on Rails and participate in IT events. When possible, Alek promotes the ideology of Open Source. Supports activities to promote technology among women, because he believes that mixed teams work better and are more efficiently. In his free time he sails and dances.

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